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Responsive eligibility & enrollment platform
hCentive’s WebInsure Eligibility & Enrollment is a complete reform & HIPAA compliant web-based application with a highly intuitive user interface. Through the portal, customers can easily check their eligibility on the State Exchanges and enroll for State programs such as Medicaid, CHIP, Basic Health Plans (BHPs) and other health plans offered through the Exchange.

WebInsure Eligibility & Enrollment portal allows individuals, families, small employers and employees to determine eligibility and enroll in a state program or health plans using one single portal.

    For Individuals
  • Check eligibility for various programs & subsidies
  • Enroll & submit verification documents online
  • Submit paper applications via fax or email
  • Pay via credit card, bank transfer, PayPal, check, or Health Reimbursement Accounts (HRAs)
  • File for life status changes and re-determine their eligibility

    For Employers
  • Determine eligibility for Exchange participation & federal tax credits
  • Manage employee enrollments; define employee cost-sharing & subsidiary coverage such as dental, vision, etc.
  • Track and manage employee enrollments, benefits, plan renewals, bills & payments

    For Employees
  • Enroll themselves and their family members in plans
  • Track and manage online enrollments & payments
  • Make payments via credit cards, PayPal, checks, HRAs or HSAs
  • Add/Remove family members upon life changing events such as marriage, childbirth, death, adoption, etc.

WebInsure Eligibility & Enrollment
Rules Engine
  • Rules repository for premium calculation, eligibility
    determination and enrollment
Eligibility Screening
  • Help consumers
    check eligibility
    for Exchange plans, Medicaid, CHIP and Basic Health Plans (BHPs)
Evidence Management
  • Allow residents to store evidence online for verifications during new enrollment or life status change applications
Enrollment & Renewals
  • Allow residents to enroll or renew Medicaid, CHIP, BHPs and other applications online
Life Status Change Management
  • Allow residents to file for changes in family or life status, even during closed enrollment periods
  • Dedicated rules engine for premium calculation, eligibility determination & enrollment
  • Real-time eligibility determination
  • Manage online plan renewals, dis-enrollments
  • Facility to apply for life status change requests even in closed enrollment periods
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  • Java/J2EE & AJAX based application
  • Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)/Service Oriented Architecture
  • Cloud-hosted application
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Implementation & Customization
  • Change the look and feel of the application based on your needs
  • Integrate with multiple 3rd party systems for analytics/reports/billing needs
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