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Is Crucial Latino Enrollment in Health Exchanges Hampered by Immigration Status?

Immigration Law CourtThe Obamacare death spiral was a topic of debate in 2014. Opponents of Obamacare projected that there weren’t enough young, healthy individuals enrolled with the system, and that the law would collapse under its own weight. Although that collapse did not come to pass, Obamacare still requires a large number of young individuals who can help offset the costs of premiums and control the premium increases scheduled for 2015. Naturally to accomplish this, the Obama administration needs to rengage the young population and encourage them to enroll in an exchange.
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Why are More than 300,000 People About to Lose Obamacare Insurance?

iStock_000027114988SmallOn the launch of healthcare.gov and state-based exchanges, a major fear gripped undocumented sections of the American population – could the Immigration authorities use the information submitted for getting health coverage on Obamacare marketplaces to take action? The people living undocumented in the country feared that if they disclose their family income and status while applying for the coverage, the personal information they divulge might create problems later. The fear was so strong that most of these groups did not participate in Obamacare exchange enrollment, and preferred to stay away from better health insurance coverage.
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What’s so special about Obamacare’s Special Enrollment Period?

UniqueWith health reform surpassing its reach over health insurance to cover tax filing and penalties, Obamacare has brought in new variables this year for a majority of American population. Health insurance coverage or tax penalties, Americans would either have to go with one of these two paths in 2014-2015. For people who did not buy health insurance by the end of Open Enrollment period on March 31, 2014, tax penalties would creep in during tax filing. If you missed the open enrollment period and still want to shield yourself from these tax penalties, you might cover yourself, literally and metaphorically, in the Special Enrollment Period (SEP).
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Obamacare Roadmap: The Plan to Ace Midterms with ACA – Part 3

Road in the forest with guide signIn the first and second parts of this series, we have covered the Obama administration’s plan around the ACA for the coming midterms – the defense they have prepared for the criticism and opposition to the ACA, and the actual benefits Obamacare has delivered to the U.S. healthcare system in the past few months. There are some improvements required to the law, and they have featured equally well in the plan for the midterms. However, there is one aspect that the administration hasn’t touched until now, and that is the Republican alternative to the ACA.

The history of the alternative to ACA dates as far back as the inception date of the plan. Republicans have strived to bring to table a law that weeds out the instabilities of ACA and brings in a solution that addresses the problems of the Obamacare without removing its benefits. Unfortunately, they haven’t been successful in presenting a fully detailed act that can replace ACA. Still, the administration is readying itself for any surprises that might unravel during the midterms.
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Obamacare Roadmap: The Plan to Ace Midterms with ACA – Part 2

Business determinationWith a coordinated strategy to show how most Republican claims about the ACA were wrong and how opposition is preventing the law from delivering the best, Obama administration has its first steps clearly outlined for the upcoming midterms. The only remaining part of the strategy is to show the country how Americans are benefiting from the presence of the ACA and how some improvements can accelerate the law into delivering better healthcare to a wider audience. In this second part of the series, we are going to cover the benefits ACA is already providing.
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Obamacare Roadmap: The Plan to Ace Midterms with ACA – Part 1

Round pin black pathAs November midterms edge closer, the Obama administration is gearing up for a showdown. The major point of contention, as you might have guessed already, is going to be the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, which the Republicans have strongly contested since the inception of the act. A prime achievement of the administration, the Affordable Care Act has all the potential to drive the campaigning democrats, but at the same time, keep them on defense for criticism from the Republicans regarding certain aspects of the law.
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ACA & Prevention – How the Law is Encouraging Better Preventive Healthcare

Clay people family protected by woman handsDid you know that the U.S. spends about 75 percent of the annual healthcare budget on treating diseases, while 70 percent of diseases are connected to one or more preventable conditions? With only 3-5 percent of the $2.8 trillion budget going to prevention, we are not hitting the problem where it hurts the most – prevention of diseases.

As compared to other developed nations, the U.S. spends twice the average of other nations on healthcare, and we still are way behind in life expectancy. Most of the factors associated with low life expectancy are tobacco use, alcohol abuse, poor diet, STDs, and motor vehicle accidents. Motor vehicle accidents by themselves chalk up $99 billion in medical and productivity costs. The common aspect among all of these deterrents is that they are preventable, and, fortunately, prevention can be the key to eradicating all deterrents.
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Are Health Insurers Breaking ACA Mandates by Discriminating against Patients with HIV?

Mood disorder with negative symptomsThe foundations of the ACA are built on the promise to provide health insurance without discriminating on the basis of medical history and pre-existing conditions. However, it seems that not all health insurers are following the mandates set by the law and subtly discriminating among the type of enrollees they have received in the first enrollment period. Ironically, the discrimination is on the basis of HIV/AIDS, one of the conditions, which absolutely requires quality primary care administration. Let’s take a look at how this discrimination has infested the new, post ACA healthcare system.
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Obamacare Brought Monthly Payments to Less than $100, but Premiums Are Set to Rise

Business graphThe Affordable Care Act (aka ACA, Obamacare), an act dedicated to affordability and health insurance for all, issued great news after the massive 8 million enrollment spree – the ACA has provided 7 out of 10 Americans better health insurance coverage at less than $100 per month. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) released these statistics after open enrollment, showing that the federal subsidies are making health insurance affordable on the health insurance exchanges. Let’s take a closer look at federal subsidies and the outlook for health insurance premiums next year.

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Trader Joe’s Case Study: Obamacare is Motivating People to Quit Jobs that Don’t Fit

One of the main arguments to the ACA was that it would be a “job killer” as employers would lay off workers to meet the new, rising healthcare costs. However, as it turned out, Obamacare did not cut jobs, it only gave employees an option to move out of jobs that did not fit their lives anymore, and were only staying at due to associated health benefits.

Obamacare gave them a chance to find affordable health insurance without the bonds of employment. Trader Joe’s, a large-scale grocery chain, followed the very path where employees finally decoupled health benefits with employment and figured they did not need the job. By opting to cancel health benefits for part time employees, Trader Joe’s made a grave mistake that increased their attrition rate tremendously. Let’s explore this case study further.

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