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  • October 23, 2012
  • 2:00 pm ET
Understanding Health Exchanges - Your New Sales Channel

October 23, 2012

Tapping the Internet as a medium for selling insurance to the uninsured, is the radical new approach that increasing number of payers are adopting, for strengthening their business hold in the current healthcare insurance markets. The upcoming State Health Insurance Exchanges (HIX) presents a brilliant opportunity to insurers for marketing their health products on a grand scale. However, integrating internal IT networks with disparate State & Federal insurance Exchange systems’ is likely to intensify administrative & technical challenges for insurers.

To deliver a seamless online insurance shopping experience to millions of consumers, payers today require a reliable business & technology partner that can help insurers’ coordinate with State & Federal Exchanges through secure channels facilitating easy interchange of business & technical information.

hCentive and CSC would like to invite you for a Health Exchanges’ webinar that aims to introduce and highlight progressive measures, enabling effective collaborations among insurers and different State/Federal agencies. In this webinar, our speakers would expound on:
  • The scope and magnitude of technology integration tasks necessary to operate in the new Exchange model
  • The business strategies needed to minimize the impact of federal rulings to your existing services and technical infrastructure
  • The Exchange connectivity solution from hCentive & CSC and how it can help address the primary strategic, operational, and technology challenges that are preventing health plans from adequately interacting with State/Federal Exchanges, state entities and a other far-flung base of members/groups

Who Should Attend?
  • Business and IT leaders from health plans that are considering selling their products on public Exchanges
  • Leaders working in compliance, government relations, customer service or marketing departments of health payers

Jordan Battani
Jordan Battani is managing director of the Global Institute for Emerging Healthcare Practices, the research arm of CSC’s Healthcare Group, where she leads a team of industry experts responsible for identifying, researching, and writing about trends and innovations in health care, particularly as they relate to the application of information technology solutions.

Paula Gallo
Paula Gallo is a principal consultant in CSC’s Health Plans group, a leading provider of consulting, business process, technology and outsourcing services to national, regional and Blue Cross Blue Shield health plans.

Dr. Amrinder Arora
Dr. Amrinder Arora is the vice president of solutions at hCentive, one of the nation's leading providers of health insurance exchange solutions to states and health insurance companies. Dr. Arora is also an adjunct faculty member at George Washington University, and is a frequent speaker at industry conferences.

About hCentive:
hCentive is one of the nation's leading providers of health insurance exchange connectivity solutions to health payers, and a public exchange solution for states and private exchange solution for TPAs & health insurance companies.

About CSC:
CSC is a global leader in technology-enabled business solutions and services.

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