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Online Medicare part D & part C platform
hCentive's WebInsure Medicare is an ACA/HIPAA compliant solution. WebInsure Medicare simplifies the implementation of health reforms and provides a cost-effective, profitably-tailored solution for insurers.

Customization, Configurability & Dexterity: WebInsure Medicare can be configured for unique client requirements. The product can be easily integrated with external billing systems, enabling premium billing facility or with private & state/federal marketplaces.

Member Centric: WebInsure Medicare is member-centric rather than being application or enrollment-centric. This ensures that all current and historical enrollments, LEP, LIS and other details for the member are available at a single, streamlined and easy-to-view interface.

CMS Compliance, Processing & Monitoring: WebInsure Medicare is fully compliant with CMS guidelines and can quickly adapt to any change in the guidelines. By processing several upfront validations, the system minimizes CMS rejections.

We realize that organizations are looking for ways to automate CMS SLAs. WebInsure Medicare offers that ability. The system is designed with proactively monitoring compliance of CMS SLAs. Multiple alerts can be configured to gauge against the most time sensitive SLAs activities within the system.

WebInsure Medicare
Enrollment Portal
  • Manage enrollments/cancellations/ renewals
  • BEQ request generation & processing
  • TRR response processing
  • Update & manage member profiles
  • Track late payments, bad enrollments
  • Trigger letters & maintain letter history

  • Communicate with CMS Medicare systems
  • Highly responsive health plan portal with simple & clean design
  • Determine eligibility for Medicare program and enroll for a plan through a single portal
  • Premium billing facility
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  • Java/J2EE & AJAX based application
  • Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)/SOA Architecture
  • Cloud-hosted application
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Implementation & Customization
  • Change the look and feel of the application based on insurers' needs
  • Integrate with multiple 3rd party systems for analytics/reports/billing needs
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hCentive’s WebInsure Medicare
The contemporary healthcare market is changing and keeping up with these changes is demanding.
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WebInsure Medicare
Automating Medicare Advantage
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