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The WebInsure State is an event-driven, service–oriented, loosely coupled solution that is agile and adaptable enough to address common challenges states perceive. On-demand scalability, product customizations are some of the associated benefits of our application that is hosted on a highly secure Amazon cloud platform.

WebInsure State is a comprehensive portal that has been designed keeping in mind the essential functional and technical needs of marketplace administrators.

Security, system agility, scalability are essential requirements of any web-based portal and our solution successfully delivers on each of these expectations. Our product is user-friendly with a clean design, providing accurate, up-to-date, and useful information to end users.
Salient features
    Product Architecture
  • Based on Java/J2EE & AJAX platform
  • Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)/Service Oriented Architecture for added flexibility
  • Compatible with different browsers & OS independent
  • Limited number of application access points to safeguard against external infiltration
  • Secure channels for transfer of encrypted data to and from the application
  • Component based design that can be locally managed without impacting the rest of the system
  • Simplified integration with external systems and third party services
    Scalability & Fault Tolerance
  • Flexible system that can easily adapt to increasing/decreasing volumes of data
  • Regular data backups to reduce data loss and continuous monitoring for minimum application downtime instances
    Hosting & Deployment
  • Short deployment cycle
  • The application can be hosted on State’s local IT network
  • Lifetime product service and maintenance support
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Why hCentive
  • Full ACA/HIPAA compliance
  • Intuitive user-friendly interface
  • Reduced implementation costs
  • Shorter implementation cycle
  • Product customization capability
  • Seamless system integration
  • Per Member Per Month (PMPM) cost model
Proven Track Record
Colorado Health Benefite Exchange
Delta Dental of California
Advance Health
Northrop Grumman

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