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Secure & Reliable Application hosting platform
WebInsure Cloud is an auto-scaling, HIPAA-compliant, pay-as-you-go, managed, hosting platform specifically designed to host healthcare IT applications.

hCentive designed the platform using industry standard building blocks (like AWS and VMWare) providing all the features that organizations have come to expect from a highly sophisticated cloud offering, including:

  • Application Management including security, monitoring and backups
  • Auto-Scalability
  • Pay-As-You-Go pricing with little up-front costs
However, hCentive understands that the healthcare industry has specific needs and has thus added an additional layer to its WebInsure Cloud offering that includes:
  • HIPAA compliance
  • SAS-70 compliant security
  • Dedicated and encrypted VPN connection to your data center
Security & HIPAA Compliance
We understand the sensitive nature of our clients’ data and so we employ rigorous security standards to protect your data. From authentication to role-based authorization and session security, every aspect of data integrity is closely managed.

Our data centers are highly secure, using sophisticated technology including 24/7 data monitoring, highly secure encryption technologies, multiple levels of firewall protection and rigorous third party web vulnerability testing against viruses and malware threats. In addition, WebInsure Cloud is completely HIPAA compliant, ensuring that insurers are always in compliance. Some of the important features are:
  • Least privilege principle
  • Role-based access based on job requirements
  • Unique usernames for each user of the system
  • Authentication passwords with complexity and expiry requirements
  • 2-factor authentication available optionally
  • Enforced session inactivity timeouts and absolute timeouts
  • Auditing and logging of all logins, log off and unsuccessful attempts
  • Ability to mark fields in database as PHI which are then encrypted at rest and all access is auto-logged
  • All data encrypted in transit
Aligning IT with Business
Customers pay for what they need – no need to over provision in anticipation of growth or have expensive infrastructure left underutilized. You simply add users and capacity, as and when you need it. There is very little upfront cost to set up the system and from there on you pay only for what you use in metrics that aligns with your business model (per application, per member per month, etc.).
We work with you to configure your applications to be auto-scaling. This means that new servers can be brought online in a matter of hours rather than days and weeks as demand increases or ebbs. This provides our clients with a lot of business efficiencies and results in significant cost-savings.
With the WebInsure Cloud offering, clients have access to snapshot and event-driven monitoring using automatic tools and a 24/7/365 control center. You have access to an 800-number and a web-based portal to report any issues. Guaranteed response time of 5 minutes for any P1 issues.
Always On and Disaster Recovery
WebInsure Cloud’s technical and operational architecture is designed to protect you against any kind of failure and mishap. The entire infrastructure is shared and distributed across at least 3 data centers run by two different providers, to provide full failover capability. Backups are done on a regular basis and even real-time in case of critical data. Of course, our dedicated team is always monitoring availability and health of your applications, so that you can access your data and applications at any time - day or night. The service is designed for 99.99% availability, and carries a service level agreement providing service credits if a customer’s availability falls below 99.9%. A comprehensive disaster recovery plan ensures that clients never experience downtimes and help is on hand whenever needed.
Highly Automated
IT personnel are no longer needed to worry about software updates, server updates and traffic, freeing up precious resources to concentrate on other more critical business functions. WebInsure Cloud provides standard uptime commitment of 99.9%, with minimal scheduled maintenance window. WebInsure Cloud includes management of all upgrades, hardware, and third-party software on your behalf, as well as 24/7 monitoring of the hosted applications.
Application Platform
The architecture components include load balancers, application servers, caching servers and database servers. Fault tolerant and redundant servers prevent downtime and ensure reliability. Disk volumes of database servers are encrypted to secure data in storage. Highly secure, encrypted channels are established between application & database servers.
Business Continuity
Our solution is based on component-based design, where each component interfaces with other components via a defined contract (API). Consequently, components can be replaced with either an updated version or an alternative without breaking the system in which the component operates thus ensuring no interruptions in business continuity.
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Why hCentive
  • Full ACA/HIPAA compliance
  • Intuitive user-friendly interface
  • Reduced implementation costs
  • Shorter implementation cycle
  • Product customization capability
  • Seamless system integration
  • Per Member Per Month (PMPM) cost model
Proven Track Record
Colorado Health Benefite Exchange
Delta Dental of California
BCBS of Tennessee
Advance Health
Northrop Grumman

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