As the State of Washington gears up to launch its health insurance marketplace, Washington Healthplanfinder, it is facing the herculean task of signing up its uninsured population. By sheer numbers, Washington aims to insure 130,000 uninsured residents by the end of 2013, and nearly 280,000 citizens in 2014.

To achieve this goal, Washington must educate and disseminate information to residents who aren’t familiar with the marketplace. The state has decided to tackle this challenge by launching a campaign that will address all the means of communication and outreach with advertisements and promotions. The state has secured $26.3 million federal grant for such programs.

The campaign will include the following:

•    Online Advertisements The state has already started to run advertisements on Washington Healthplanfinder over popular networks, such as Google, Yahoo. The state hopes to reach insured and uninsured residents, so that people may educate each other about the program.

•    Radio Spots – The state began airing radio spots starting at the end of August hoping to reach residents who do not have regular access to the internet .

•    Social Media Endeavors – Social media endeavors have begun as well. The state is capturing popular portals, such as Facebook and Twitter, to reach the younger, tech savvy audience. YouTube is another popular media which is going to be instrumental for the campaign.

•    Traditional Marketing Mediums – Starting in September, the state will be running ads in traditional print media, as well as airing television commercials.

•    Offline – Washington healthplanfinder officials are working with organizations to promote the exchange offline. Incrementally, the state will open up toll-free hotlines, which will serve as one-stop information kiosks that residents can access 24×7.

Officials say that the campaign will be rolled out in stages and Washington residents can expect to see these ads across media over the coming weeks. While radio spots and online ads are already functional, social media endeavors are slowly picking up. When October 1 rolls around, Washington feels they willb e able to meet their goal and get residents enrolled in Washington Healthplanfinder.

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