In the better-value chain, where healthcare services are offered at an affordable cost, the importance of any change can be gauged only after it succeeds at its core mission. If the mission is to increase transparency of how insurance companies work, the decrease in unsatisfied consumers would define it. If the mission is to disseminate information to masses, the knowledge level of target audience would be the benchmark. How does a health insurance exchange stand in terms of its importance in the better-value chain?

Exchanges are supposed to sell insurance: A marketplace that consumers and small businesses can utilize to find affordable health insurance options available in their area. So, why consumers would go to health insurance exchanges and buy health plans?

1.    Health insurance exchange will create retail competition for the health insurance companies.

2.    Consumers will have more choices because most insurance companies would not want to be left out of a major distribution channel for their products.

3.    Health insurance exchanges will have information and transparency while selling health insurance plans. This will encourage consumers to come to them for buying.

4.    Health insurance exchanges are required to be non-profit and are expected to operate with the buyer as the prime beneficiary in mind. This gives the buyers an added peace of mind while buying from the exchange…

While considering all the above factors, it becomes clear that exchanges can expect to get a good traffic of consumers and small business who are looking to buy an affordable health plan provided there is a surety of transparency and concern for their benefit.

At the end, it would all depend on the actual functioning of health insurance exchanges whether they become the lynch-pin in the better-value chain for healthcare industry or remain one of those changes that are proposed but fail to bring the effect.

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