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Assessing the Visible Impacts of the U.S. Elections on the Healthcare Industry

President Obama’s re-election has finally cleared the air on health care reforms. From yesterday’s election results, it can be safely surmised that the enactment of the Affordable Car Act will proceed with tight defined timelines already in place. The focus of the reforms is once again come to rest on the states, whose legislators may […]

Why is there a pressing need to engage individuals who have Limited English Proficiency?

25.2 million. That is the number of U.S. citizens with Limited English Proficiency (LEP), as reported by the Migration Policy Institute in a 2010 data brief. In order to capitalize on emerging healthcare reforms, states and insurers, in the midst of implementing their health exchanges, need to ensure that their systems possess the capabilities to […]

Healthcare in the Cloud: Enabling Opportunities

A recent Markets and Markets research estimates that the global healthcare cloud computing market is set to exceed the $5 billion mark by 2017. With the launch of its own private healthcare cloud service, hCentive decided to wade deeper into the current Cloud adoption trends and tried to understand the reasons behind this industry wide […]

Knowing the Uninsured: Understanding their Needs & Preferences

With the Supreme Court largely upholding President Obama’s Affordable Care Act, the spotlight has once again fallen on the payers and their proposed measures to improve the affordability of health plans and quality of administered care. For a successful implementation of the entire healthcare model, it is imperative that payers possess an in-depth understanding of […]

SCOTUS Healthcare Reform Ruling: Implications for Insurers

The Supreme Court’s June 28 decision to uphold the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) has finally put an end to the U.S. healthcare industry’s wait. The epic SCOTUS decision, comprising of 193 pages of opinions & dissensions, has paved the way for U.S. states, insurers, providers and healthcare firms, to get back on […]

Private Exchanges’ Group Insurance Markets Engagement – A perspective

The US healthcare payers’ arena has been witnessing a lot of private health insurance exchange (private exchange technology New York) related activities over the past year. Last year in August, Walgreens, US largest drugstore chain, declared its plans to set up private health insurance exchange. In September 2011, Wellpoint, in partnership with BCBS Michigan and […]

Analyzing Payers Engagement in Insurance Exchange Design Formulation

At a high level, US states’ Health Insurance Exchange (HIX) implementation plans appear as an interesting and colorful patchwork. While some US states are hard-at-work drawing and designing HIX plans, many other states are awaiting Supreme Court’s ruling and hoping for health reform implementation to get stalled. Further more, instead of enforcing a ‘one-size-fits-all’ exchange […]

Making the Case for Using Predictive Analytics in Healthcare

Today, 8 out of 10 US healthcare companies boast of an online presence on the World Wide Web, reports PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) in its April 2012 consumer survey report. However, only a select few firms are strategically regulating and managing their virtual presence. This is surprising, considering social media is changing interaction between consumers and health […]

Innovative Wellness Plans and Measures Augment Employer-Sponsored Wellness Packages

Post the PPACA reforms there has been an ever-growing interest among the US employers for introducing wellness programs at the workplace. Healthier employees require lesser medical assistance vis-à-vis unhealthy employees, a factor that helps employers cap their healthcare costs to manageable limits. The wellness program trend is growing in popularity among the US corporates and […]

The Implications of the Supreme Court’s Decision for Health Insurance Exchanges

Much has been said about the potential of the Supreme Court’s decision to jeopardize the upcoming federal and state exchanges’ implementation plans. ACA is a lengthy act but it has a few key pillars that if modified have the biggest potential of to re-define the insurance markets of the future. These pillars are: 1. Individual […]