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The Implications of the Supreme Court’s Decision for Health Insurance Exchanges

Much has been said about the potential of the Supreme Court’s decision to jeopardize the upcoming federal and state exchanges’ implementation plans. ACA is a lengthy act but it has a few key pillars that if modified have the biggest potential of to re-define the insurance markets of the future. These pillars are: 1. Individual […]

SHOP Exchange Part IV – Key concerns for operating successful exchanges (Part -1)

In our last SHOP exchange blog, we covered various functional and structural aspects that states need to consider while designing SHOP exchanges. In the following blog, we talk about various issues that states might face while designing SHOP exchanges. States and exchange implementers are aware that the SHOP exchanges need to be tailored specifically to […]

Designing a Better Shopping Experience for Health Insurance Buyers

Designing exceptional shopping experiences for intra-webs is like a mountain. Funnily though, this mountain is a slippery one. As soon as you’re at the top, you slowly slide back down. Nowhere is the phrase ‘You snooze, you lose’ more appropriate. Simply put – Product Design per se is a slippery slope, but one every company […]

SHOP Exchange Part III – Roles and Structure of SHOP Exchanges

While the U.S. government has shared some insights on the purpose that SHOP exchanges will serve, there is very little information available on how these exchanges need to be designed and key factors that need to be considered while setting up these online insurance marketplaces. There are some vital issues that need to be considered […]

SHOP Exchange Part II – What Exchange Design Principles Should States Necessarily Follow?

For Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP) exchanges to succeed merely setting up operational SHOP exchanges is not going to be enough; States will need to design SHOP exchanges in such a manner that it minimizes the risk of adverse selections.  While cost- effectiveness of plans will remain a critical point, smart designing and keen […]

SHOP Exchange Part I – What is SHOP and Why We Need It?

While the state sponsored Health Insurance Exchanges (HIX) are at the helm of most health reforms related discussions, the SHOP exchanges are an equally critical piece of the health reforms debate. By January 1, 2014, not only the HIX but also the Small Business Health Options Program, commonly referred to as SHOP is scheduled to […]

Insurers Enjoy a Hike in Operating Margins and Medicare Revenues

Insurance companies, which had once spent millions to repeal the Healthcare Act fearing that the Affordable Care Act will adversely affect their businesses subject to increase in healthcare costs and reduced coverage, witnessed a surprising upturn in their profit margins. From a report released in October 2011 by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) we infer […]

A World of ACA Minus the ‘Individual Mandate’?

Can the Individual Mandate clause be really dissolved without seriously harming the rest of the law? If yes, then what can be the possible ramifications of such a Supreme Court ruling? A group of 103 economists filed for an amicus brief that insists that the Individual mandate clause is so inextricably intertwined with the rest […]

State Exchanges 2014 Readiness Status: An Interactive View

January 1, 2014 is a date that evokes mixed emotions among the people in the U.S. healthcare industry. January 1, 2014 is the deadline by which all U.S. states are required to have fully-functional, federally approved Healthcare Insurance Exchanges (healthcare software for Florida and other states) the web-based one-stop platforms for residents to search, compare […]

Top 4 healthcare trends of 2012

With several final rulings on ACA mandates, numerous takeovers and acquisitions, 2011 has proved to be a sprightly year. The U.S. healthcare landscape is marked for change again in 2012, as the Supreme Court announces its ruling on ACA’s constitutionality, thousands of baby boomers become eligible for Medicare and more insurers, physicians and providers enter […]