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De-bunking the Fears Surrounding the Medical Loss Ratio Ruling

Most investors consider Medical Loss Ratio as the most important factor to gauge an insurance company’s present and future profitability. On December 2, 2011, HHS released its final ruling on the Affordable Care Act’s Medical Loss Ratio policy. Beginning 2012, the revised policy guarantees tax-free rebates to consumers if the percentage of premium spent on […]

Obamacare Helps Insure 2.5 Million Young Adults

An issue brief released December 14th 2011 by the U.S. National Center for Health Statistics, establishes that the Affordable Care Act of 2010 has managed to secure health insurance for 2.5 million American youths. In the U.S, young adults have traditionally been less likely to possess health insurance and before Obama’s healthcare overhaul, most were […]

Private Exchanges will boost Healthcare Reform

The establishment of the State Health Exchanges by 2014 may prove to be one of the more radical steps taken towards re-organizing the scattered and chaotic U.S healthcare industry. The state exchanges will serve as a central health care marketplace with the primary aim to empower small employers and individuals, to access, search, compare and […]

Health Care Innovation Challenge – envisioning improved medical care at lower costs

A successful government is one that learns from its’ past mistakes, infuses fresh ideas into the present and maintains a sharp eye on the market to prepare well for any probable future exigencies. The Obama administration faces an un-predictable future in the healthcare sector, as is evident from the study conducted by American Association of […]

Impact of PPACA on Medicare

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has introduced new measures to further fortify the Medicare health care plan for senior citizens.  The revised Medicare health plan provides preventive medical care benefits, offers discounts on prescribed drugs, and improves the controversial ‘Donut-hole’ coverage gap. How the new plan benefits you? Since January 1, 2011, Medicare has seen […]

Deconstructing Health Exchanges – Part III

In the previous blog posts, we looked at Private Exchanges and how they function. We’ve seen the functioning of Public Exchanges. We evaluated the pros and cons and we tried to put the two in perspective. Finally, in this edition, we give you a low-down on the complicated lingo that is thrown around with the […]

Deconstructing Health Exchanges – Part II

In the first edition, we looked at how Private Exchanges are expected to operate and the benefits that they might provide to individuals and small businesses. In this post, let’s look at State or Public Exchanges. These exchanges, according to the PPACA, will be State or Federally operated exchanges where public and private plans will […]

Deconstructing Health Exchanges – Part I

Health exchanges are coming and employers are gearing up for it. With the likes of Walgreen entering the Health Exchange fray, there is absolutely no doubt that Health Exchanges are here to stay (Source: McKinsey Quarterly Report, June 2011). But there is a lot of concern and curiosity around the concept of Health Exchanges that […]

Young Adults – A New Breed of Customers

Health plans are on the verge of getting access to a large chunk of new customers. A lot of them, studies suggest, are young and healthy. Arguably, the most profitable customer profile for health plans. There are over 7.5 million young adults in the age group of 18-26 that are currently uninsured. When you expand […]

Now, Consumer is King EVEN in Healthcare!

For the longest time, Americans have complained of a broken healthcare system. After years of brushing it under the carpet, we finally saw the passing of the PPACA. The PPACA or more simply, the Affordable Care Act aims to make healthcare affordable and the buying of insurance an unbiased, transparent and competitive market. With the […]