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Want to be a winner in the healthcare reforms race? Try a better CRM.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is now a much talked about subject. Like lots of tools and equipments required for mountaineering and hiking projects, CRM has become an important strategic tool for businesses to climb the success-ladder. Without doubt, it finds mention in present days’ business related articles, strategy write-ups, and books geared to give guidance […]

Impact of healthcare reforms on insurers

Healthcare reforms bring lots of good news for the consumers. No annual limits, no exclusion due to preexisting condition, no discrimination against the children, etc. However, to implement these changes proposed by the healthcare reforms, the insurers have to bear the brunt. Without doubt, there are multiple obligations imposed on the insurers to make sure […]

Health insurance exchanges: Impact on insurance companies and brokers

Healthcare exchanges: Impact on insurance companies, agents and brokers Healthcare reforms are backed with strong belief due to the objectives they carry, including establishing a Competitive insurance market, Providing free preventive care, Regulating the cost of insurance and Expanding coverage to the uninsured U.S. citizens, etc. Among these, the first one was achieved by proposing […]

Impact of healthcare reforms on small businesses

Introduction Small businesses, not only in the US, play an important role in job growth and innovation. Medium and large businesses often thrive on the small businesses to provide complementary as well as supplementary services. The spirit of entrepreneurship finds its roots in the favorable atmosphere provided for the growth of small businesses. Small businesses […]

What are the impacts of healthcare reforms in Virginia

Benefits to Virginians through the Affordable Care Act Healthcare reforms are one of the most debated topics in the insurance industry right now. There are lots of articles, blogs and debates going on throughout all types of media: print, online, mobile, etc. In the similar vein, we are here to discuss some benefits that the […]