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Using State Marketplaces to Shift from Health Coverage back to Health Care

States have been waiting years to return to fixing how health care is delivered. But they got delayed in the process. The ACA tasked every state with making major changes to Medicaid eligibility technology – a federally imposed mandate for all states, regardless of whether they chose to expand Medicaid. To comply with the ACA’s new eligibility rules and policies, some states attempted to build state marketplaces for private insurance plan shopping while retooling their separate Medicaid eligibility systems to accommodate the new rules for the under-65 population. This siloed approach often lead to cost overruns and lack of coordination between technology teams at each of the state marketplaces and their partner Medicaid agencies. Other states adopted marketplace systems that included an integrated “single door” for providing eligibility determinations for all state health care programs and benefits, while another set of states – the majority— wound up on HealthCare.gov.

hCentive Joins States Protesting Anticompetitive Federal Technology Fees

The federal government became states’ technology vendor when it enticed four states to use HealthCare.gov by initially offering it for free, while underpricing HealthCare.gov compared to its actual costs for another 34 states. Four states including Oregon and Nevada tried to stand up their own health insurance exchanges, hiring technology vendors that pushed for expensive […]

New HealthCare.gov Premium Fees Are Pushing States to Consider Private Sector Alternatives

Open enrollment for 2016 health coverage has begun, and people across New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, Hawaii and other states are using HealthCare.gov to search for quality health coverage that they can afford. Already impacted by average rate increases of 11.4% in Nevada, 24% in Oregon, and 30% in Hawaii, HealthCare.gov is proposing to add a […]