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Broker Focus: At The Crossroads, How Your Role With Carriers And Exchanges Is Evolving

Relevancy, value addition, and guidance – these are keywords being used in the evolving broker market at existing broker businesses. The role of brokers is changing due to the onset of a benefits marketplace approach in individual as well as employer business. At hCentive, we have been at the helm of the change rocking the […]

$1.3 Billion & 7 States – A Roundup of Mismanaged Federal Funds for State Exchanges

In the early stages of Obamacare, one thing was crystal clear to all health plans, stakeholders, and the government – it’s going to be really hard to have a brand new setup that reevaluates how Americans purchase and consume health insurance. The task ahead for everyone was nothing short of herculean, and not everyone was […]

Here are 5 Ways You Will Benefit from King vs. Burwell Ruling

With the U.S. Supreme Court decision on King vs. Burwell, the subsidies are staying as the Justices ruled in favor, voting 6-3, for upholding the subsidies.  Naturally, the impact of the decision won’t be immediately felt, but here are five ways you will benefit from King vs. Burwell decision. The Subsidies are Staying The most obvious, […]

Obamacare after 5 Years: 5 Major Lessons for the Administration

From 2010 to 2015, the journey of the ACA has been marred by challenges, resuscitated by results, and motivated by care receivers. The Affordable Care Act has definitely changed the way the nation compares and purchases health insurance. Access of care, healthcare costs, rates of uninsured, Obamacare has made a huge difference. However, considering the […]

Here’s How Supreme Court Entertaining King v. Burwell will Affect Premiums Next Year

King v. Burwell, the case that is causing sleepless nights to Obama administration, Health Plans, and Consumers with Obamacare subsidies, may have yet another implication that could skew premium increases across the nation for everyone. No matter which way the Supreme Court ruling goes, the health insurance premiums are set to rise drastically next year […]

Employers and Obamacare Workplace Wellness

With the Affordable Care Act, America has renewed focus on workplace wellness and employee well-being. The ACA discounts employers who foster workplace wellness, which in turn contributes to employee health and employer savings on health insurance. The concept is simple – employers encourage employees to participate in wellness programs, reduced tobacco use, etc. and in […]

5 Years of Obamacare – 16 Million Enrollments and a Long Way to Go

On March 23, 2010, President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act into a law, putting into motion a series of ups and downs that radically transformed healthcare and health insurance coverage in America. After 5 years of Obamacare operation, we have come far from a fledgling law that saw unequivocal opposition from multiple sources. Today, […]