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Obamacare Repeal: A Rocky Road to ACA – Part 4

October 2013 The online marketplaces go live in all states. The federally-facilitated marketplace, healthcare.gov, is launched with fanfare and immediately problems appear. Although the rollout is riddled with errors and failed promises, things start getting back on track slowly. Due to the massive issues, the administration announces that there will be a ”technology surge” to […]

Young People are enrolling – Will Continue to Benefit in the Coming Years

Just when the Obama administration was beginning to fret over the lackluster enrollment of young, healthy individuals, the March 31st deadline turned out to be a game changer. According to available numbers, Obamacare saw 8 million enrollments coming through the exchanges, thus meeting the targets set during the October rollout. More heartening than this target […]

Getting Insurance for the Underprivileged Uninsured – Guidance, Walkthroughs, and Assistance

As one of its primary aims, Obamacare has always centered on the theme that all Americans should have access to affordable healthcare. When the PPACA (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) was passed, subsidies and tax credits were put in place to allow uninsured to be able to afford health insurance plans. With enrollment numbers […]

hCentive Rewind: A look into the top Obamacare problems faced by Americans till date – Part 2

In the first part of our series we discussed the public faced after the rollout, this final part continues from where we left off. The first post discussed, the top three problems faced by people were that of higher associated costs for people who are not eligible for any Obamacare subsidies, the broken promise of […]

hCentive Rewind: A look into the top Obamacare problems faced by Americans till date – Part 1

Obamacare had promised affordable healthcare to everyone – regardless of financial status or pre-existing conditions. That being said, the launch didn’t help matters. The majority of the online marketplaces didn’t function properly at launch. For healthcare.gov, the initial surge in the enrollments was too much for the exchange to handle and it suffered a major […]

Small Businesses and Obamacare – 3 Ways Transactions are Affected

Employer provided health insurance has always taken precedence for many employees considering a new job. While large employers have always enjoyed the attention of major health plans and could put together better benefit packages, small businesses have generally received the short end of the stick. However with Obamacare, the administration wanted to change the way […]

Obamacare Birth Control Coverage – What’s the U.S. Supreme Court’s Concern?

Back in 2012, Obamacare went before the U.S. Supreme Court over the constitutional aspect of the individual mandate. Now, there is a new constitutional challenge to the law and it is related to birth control. A provision of the ACA requires for-profit employers of certain size to offer insurance benefits for birth control and other […]