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Week 10 of ACA Rollout – Enrollments Look Up, Backoffice Problems Persist

It has been 10 weeks since Obamacare’s health insurance marketplaces went live for a nation full of expectations, hopes, and needs. Needless to say, everything did not go as planned, and the enrollments, health plans, administration—really everyone took a hit. However, the administration did not shy away from the glaring challenges and humiliation of healthcare.gov, […]

Week 7 of Obamacare Rollout – Slow Improvement, Major Gap

The Obama administration promised a fully operational health insurance marketplace by the end of November. More than the promise, it was necessary for the government to deliver a sustainable insurance exchange that can stand the deluge of Americans just waiting to pounce on it for enrolling before December 23, the extended deadline for signing up […]

Canceled Health Policies – 7 Questions that Peek into Obama’s Strategy for Consumers

By now, it is very clear that the health insurance marketplaces have had some glitches. To add to the confusion, health payers have started issuing cancellation letters to thousands of Americans whose insurance policies do not comply with the Affordable Care Act, and will expire at the end of the year. This additional issue on […]

Self-Employment and Obamacare – 7 Questions to Make Health Reform Smooth Sailing

Nearly a month and a half after the health insurance marketplace rollout, the federal exchange is still reeling. The underperforming, broken healthcare.gov site is making life tough for the Obama administration. However, the site is starting to make progress, and the government is committed to delivering an error-free, smooth experience to Americans. However, in the […]

Week 5 of Obamacare Rollout – What’s Happening?

As we go through the fifth week of the Obamacare rollout, not much has changed in the health insurance marketplace sphere. Although healthcare.gov has not substantially improved, minor improvements have trickled in. Enrollments are picking up, but the numbers are still nothing to boast about, especially when compared to the projected numbers given before the […]

Healthcare Reform Mixed Bag – The Week of Good and Bad News

The problems surrounding health insurance marketplaces do not seem to be abating. Last week was wrought with more issues, some of which were not wholly unexpected. However, all is not lost for Obamacare yet. There has been some good news as well. Let’s take a look at what has been happening in and around the […]

Exchange Navigators: The Key to Marketplace Success

As the administration works toward fixing healthcare.gov, there is another crucial part of the health insurance marketplace enrollments that hasn’t received a lot of attention – navigators. As it was widely expected, navigators have played a large role in helping people enroll. With the system experiencing issues, more people than expected have turned to the […]

Enrollments Trickle Through, healthcare.gov Needs Overhaul

After a rough start, healthcare.gov (the Federally Facilitated Marketplace) is beginning to experience a bit of a recovery. Although the launch was plagued with system crashes, non-availability and incorrect subsidy calculations, things are finally starting to look up. According to the government, millions of enrollments were expected in the initial stages of the health reform […]

Missouri’s Path to Health Insurance Marketplace Success

While information has been trickling out on the various state exchanges, Missouri has continued to stay quiet right up to the launch. As the state lawmakers, and then voters, voted rejected a state-run exchange, Missouri is among the many states that chose to leave it to the federal government to handle. While efforts to publicize […]

Illinois – A Glimpse into Rates and Participating Carriers

With the exchange now live, there has been some clarity in the carriers and rates for the Illinois state exchange. Consumers in Cook County will be able to choose plans offered by five carriers – Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois, Coventry, Health, Humana, Inc. and Land of Lincoln Health. However, only BCBS and […]