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Ads and Promotions – Washington’s Weapons for Health Insurance Marketplace Marketing

As the State of Washington gears up to launch its health insurance marketplace, Washington Healthplanfinder, it is facing the herculean task of signing up its uninsured population. By sheer numbers, Washington aims to insure 130,000 uninsured residents by the end of 2013, and nearly 280,000 citizens in 2014. To achieve this goal, Washington must educate […]

Will Hawaiians Have To Pay Higher Premiums On The Health Insurance Marketplace?

The health insurance marketplaces are being setup to provide consumers with more options and more choices. The online marketplaces are intended to bring together insurance carriers and promote competition with the aim of driving costs down. When the insurance marketplace goes live on October 1, consumers will be able to choose from a variety of […]

Maryland to Rely on Brokers – Hosting Free Training Sessions

As a part of the plan to have Maryland’s health insurance exchange, Maryland Health Connection, ready on October 1, they are reaching out to an important group that can help it sail through enrollments smoothly – health insurance brokers. With the deluge of new enrollments coming in soon, Maryland knows that brokers will be instrumental […]

New York Unveils Health Insurance Marketplace Name & Begins Marketing for October 1 Deadline

As the deadline for health insurance marketplace implementation approaches, New York is moving full steam ahead with healthcare software. The state recently announced the name of its health insurance marketplace, “NY State of Health,” and plans to initiate marketing initiatives to capture the attention of uninsured New Yorkers, educate them on the marketplace and get […]

The Coloradan Way of Handling New Enrollments – Rope Brokers In

Colorado’s health insurance marketplace, Connect for Health Colorado, is schedule and Colorado knows what’s coming on the October 1 launch – a deluge of new enrollments. Colorado is expecting about 150,000 residents to sign up for health insurance coverage during the first enrollment period. Some number crunching reveals a strenuous task – Colorado officials will […]

ACA Rollout – What’s Worrying Massachusetts?

As the deadline for health insurance marketplace implementation edges closer, states are planning contingency measures to tackle last minute hassles and challenges. Although each state’s plan of action differs, there is common theme– states want to know the primary concerns of residents, and how to address them in a cohesive and comprehensive way. In fact, […]

New Mexico to Receive $19M Federal Grant – Plans to Market Health Exchange

With the health insurance marketplace rollout deadlines nearing, New Mexico received a $18.6M federal grant for marketing and outreach to help market the New Mexico Health Insurance Exchange. The current state of affairs at New Mexico health insurance marketplace shows us some important numbers and facts that are going to influence the health of the […]

Direct Enrollment – Easing Customer Effort and Increasing Customer Retention

Direct Enrollment gives payers the ability to offer consumers a one stop shop when shopping for health insurance plans – allowing them to check for subsidies and enroll without ever leaving the payer site. Retaining Customers through Direct Enrollment From the perspective of the insurance carriers, things look rosy. Insurance carriers can now focus on […]

Vermont Health Insurance Marketplace Rates Announced – Raining Benefits for Lower Income Groups

Vermont Health Connect, Vermont’s health insurance marketplace, has taken a step further in its implementation of health exchange by revealing the Affordable Care Act compliant insurance rates. The analysis and implementation of these new health insurance rates reveal a substantial reduction in the premiums payable by lower income groups due to tax subsidies and ACA […]

Which Income Spectrum proposes more profits in the Post-exchange Market?

Insurers are still trying to decipher which end of the consumer spectrum will yield greater and sustained profitability. General wisdom says that the medium- and high-income consumers will drive profits in the health insurance marketplace but the reality might be very different! This post puts forth a slightly different spin on the general perception. Health […]