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4 Things to Know about King v. Burwell Arguments on March 4

March 4 was an important date for everyone connected with King v. Burwell, which is practically the entire nation. People with subsidized health insurance are waiting with baited breath for the decision that could take away subsidies that make their health insurance affordable. Republicans are leaving no stone unturned to turn the tables in their […]

Exploring the Latest Obamacare Alternative by Republicans – Part 1

Over the years, Republicans have made numerous attempts on the life of the Affordable Care Act, some of which have been partially successful. Medicaid expansion was one instance where Republicans succeeded in removing the mandate of expansion, which ultimately resulted in the formation of a coverage gap in states that did not expand Medicaid. Other […]

11 Instances that Reveal Supreme Court’s Disposition on King v. Burwell – Part 2

While the arguments in the U.S. Supreme Court were primarily about the context, the individual meaning, and the impact of the challenged words, the focus was primarily the impact that would result if the Court were to rule in the favor of the plaintiffs. Lost subsidies, additional pressure for states to build exchanges, and necessity […]

11 Instances that Reveal Supreme Court’s Disposition on King v. Burwell – Part 1

The U.S. Supreme Court will be announcing its decision on King v. Burwell in late June, and there are some rumblings that the decision might be delayed. For a decision that influences health plans across the country, affects 34 states without health exchanges, and burdens millions of people in affected states with a renewed health […]

5 Numbers to Know on Obamacare’s 5th Anniversary

Obamacare has turned 5 and the journey has been far from comfortable. Fortunately amid challenges from opposition, a dysfunctional initial rollout, and slow acceptance of the law, Obamacare has still achieved what it set out to five years earlier, even if there is a lot more ground to cover in the coming years. Owing to […]

Health Insurance Shoppers Aggressive on ACA Marketplace for Better Benefits

11 million enrollments and a successful second open enrollment later, the Obama administration should be happy. Enrollment numbers are higher than initial projections, and the signs of a working health reform are omnipresent in the system. Health insurance carriers are adapting to the new marketplace scenario, and are offering better plans at better prices to […]

What do Linguists have to say on King v. Burwell?

Like it or not, King v. Burwell is moving ahead, and the U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments from both  sides on earlier this month. A lot of attention has been devoted to the case, with each side presenting its case. So much attention for six words – the ACA is comprised of 381,517 words and, […]

Can a GOP Senate Destroy Obamacare?

A repeal of the ACA has probably been a singular focus for the Republicans since 2010, ever since they launched their first attempt to replace the law with their alternative. After countless attempts to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, the GOP had to bow down to the ultimate success gathered by the law […]

Analysis: Why did the Vermont Single Payer Health System Collapse before Takeoff – Part 2

In the first part of this post, we explored the planning level gaps that ultimately led to the collapse of Vermont’s proposed health system. However, more than any of these planning level issues, the financials were always the pain point of the Vermont administration. Back when the administration was playing with the idea of having […]