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Obamacare Premiums are Going Down, but Not for Corporations

As the second open enrollment period has been posting strong enrollment numbers and a wider acceptance of the law, there is a surprise winner in the falling, or stable in some cases, Obamacare premiums. As opposed to experts and the Administration’s guesses, the premiums for most insurance plans across states are either falling or staying […]

Obamacare Penalties – Another Way to Improve Healthcare System under ACA

As the first segment of the second enrollment draws to a close, a lot of people are asking the standard question – what happens to me if I don’t have health insurance throughout 2014? Most people know that the individual mandate requires them to have health insurance in 2014, failing which they will be subject […]

Healthcare Ups and Downs in 2014

2014, which saw full implementation of Obamacare, has registered some historical feats in the U.S. Healthcare system. The Affordable Care Act is responsible for a lot of good things that happened this past year. However, at the same time, there is still scope for improvement and moving faster to the collective aim of universal coverage […]

Six Obamacare Subsidy Q & A that everyone should know

The second open enrollment is underway and people who did not purchase health insurance from the exchanges last time have another opportunity for affordable, quality health insurance coverage. However amid rumors, deadlines and peer pressure, you might be struggling to make sense of all the aspects of the law, especially the subsidies which deliver the […]

7 Things You Absolutely Need to Know about Second Open Enrollment

It’s here, the second open enrollment period is in process! It started on November 15 giving Americans another chance at buying affordable health insurance through federal and state-based health insurance exchanges. The second open enrollment period, which goes until February 15, 2015, will allow people to purchase new health insurance or renew older. The healthcare.gov […]

Immigrants with No Concept of Insurance – A New Challenge for Obamacare

Non-citizens are three times more likely to be uninsured than U.S. residents. With nearly 10 million legal immigrants living in the country, the high percentage of uninsured among them means a bigger target for Obamacare. During rollout last year, the Obama administration was extremely concerned about the health insurance status of this section, and implemented […]

Immigrants Will Pay Taxes, but Won’t Get Federal Subsidies

Immigrants have long been a matter of concern for the Obama Administration. From the unknown number of undocumented immigrants in the country to the high number of uninsured in the immigrant population, the Obama Administration has been thinking of finding a way to handle both of these issues. A little earlier this year, the Obama […]

Data Analysis: How is Obamacare going to Affect Employee Enrollments across Public, Private and SHOP Exchanges? Part 2

In the first part of this post, we discussed how public vs private enrollment is progressing, and private exchange enrollment is set to out-enroll public exchanges by a decent margin. In the scheme of things, small businesses are being left out. Small businesses lack the bulk power of large businesses, and that’s why traditional health […]

Data Analysis: How is Obamacare going to Affect Employee Enrollments across Public, Private and SHOP Exchanges? Part 1

Other than attracting American population with better health insurance coverage at subsidized rates, Obamacare had another central goal – transforming the health insurance mechanism for small employers and their employees. The employer-provided health insurance segment is a primary means of coverage for a large number of the American population, and the state of insurance is […]