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Alt-Labor Groups: A Surprise Winner in Obamacare Implementation

With 8 million enrollments, 6.8 million people taking advantage of subsidized health insurance, millions of people with preexisting medical conditions gaining better health insurance coverage – the winners of Obamacare have been enjoying noteworthy achievements. Between Medicaid expansion and Obamacare implementation, several people who could not afford insurance earlier are now successfully enrolled in a […]

The 4 Things to Know after First Week of Open Enrollment

The second open enrollment is finally underway and, unlike last time, the healthcare.gov website is working well. The Obama Administration is focused on maximizing enrollments and renewals over the federal and state exchanges from November 15 to February 15t, 2015 and it looks like they are getting results. In 37 states, which chose the federal […]

Uninsured Enrollment Might Not Be Encouraging Next Year, According to Experts

Even after the botched rollout of Obamacare, the 8 million enrollments gathered under the ACA were a strong sign that the uninsured are interested in getting health insurance under the reformed set of laws. The Obama administration estimated that even after so many missed opportunities, which definitely cost them a good number of enrollments, the […]

Analysis: Which States have Capitalized the Most on Obamacare, and What’s Next

Even after battling a multitude of challenges, Obamacare managed to score 8 million enrollments. Despite the troubled start, the Obama administration rallied behind the cause and put in efforts to surmount challenges to deliver a viable health exchange enrollment that kept the Affordable Care Act alive. Excluding people who get health insurance through their workplace […]

Could Tax Forms Become a Major Challenge for Federal Exchange?

The Federally Facilitated Marketplace, aka healthcare.gov,  is gearing up for a new challenge that could have widespread impact on everyone who has enrolled with subsidized health insurance through the federal exchanges. This new challenge is the issuance of tax forms, and it is gearing up for a fight in the second enrollment period. After the […]

Here are 5 Things You Need to Know if You are Under 26 and Need Health Insurance

Traditionally, young, healthy individuals have sacrificed the option of buying health insurance for having more liquidity and ability to pay rent and bills. Between competing for a highly coveted job and planning for the future, young individuals feel that they don’t have the time or resources to waste on health insurance. And why should they, […]

Analysis: How will Obamacare Premiums Behave during Second Open Enrollment – Part 1

The second open enrollment period is quickly approaching and the biggest question on everyone’s mind is – how will Obamacare premiums behave in the second year of reformed health insurance coverage? We are roughly two months away from open enrollment and any solid number on rate increase is far from available. As we approach November […]

Are Billing Problems Forming a New Set of Challenges for Obamacare?

At outset of Obamacare, all eyes were on the troubled healthcare.gov launch that gripped the administration on October 1, 2013. While the Affordable Care Act was being lauded as the coveted reformer of the health insurance, it had its own demons to fight. As time passed, exchange problems were weeded out and the system became […]