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Burwell vs Hobby Lobby: What’s The Impact On Corporations?

With a Supreme Court ruling adding fuel to the fire, the Burwell vs Hobby Lobby fight is far from over. Let’s start with a little background first. The Affordable Care Act mandated that the employers providing health insurance coverage to employees must cover all forms of birth control. However, not all organizations agreed with the […]

Colorado: A Roundup of the State with Solid Obamacare Enrollment Progress

Out of the states that adopted Obamacare from the start and chose to establish their own state-based health insurance exchanges, Colorado was one of the forerunners. The Centennial State was already making strong progress in healthcare and reforms, and took up Obamacare to further its position as one of the leaders in healthcare. Other than […]

Enrollment Roundup: Obamacare-Embracing States Enjoying Lowest Uninsured Rates

As you know, Obamacare was designed to lower uninsured rates and drive America to a fully insured, highly efficient healthcare system. Although the rollout of the law that set such ambitious aims for itself was disappointing, the end result was laudable with 8 million Americans enrolling for insurance coverage. Since the inception of the law, […]

Is Crucial Latino Enrollment in Health Exchanges Hampered by Immigration Status?

The Obamacare death spiral was a topic of debate in 2014. Opponents of Obamacare projected that there weren’t enough young, healthy individuals enrolled with the system, and that the law would collapse under its own weight. Although that collapse did not come to pass, Obamacare still requires a large number of young individuals who can […]

Why are More than 300,000 People About to Lose Obamacare Insurance?

On the launch of healthcare.gov and state-based exchanges, a major fear gripped undocumented sections of the American population – could the Immigration authorities use the information submitted for getting health coverage on Obamacare marketplaces to take action? The people living undocumented in the country feared that if they disclose their family income and status while […]

What’s so special about Obamacare’s Special Enrollment Period?

With health reform surpassing its reach over health insurance to cover tax filing and penalties, Obamacare has brought in new variables this year for a majority of American population. Health insurance coverage or tax penalties, Americans would either have to go with one of these two paths in 2014-2015. For people who did not buy […]

Obamacare Roadmap: The Plan to Ace Midterms with ACA – Part 3

In the first and second parts of this series, we have covered the Obama administration’s plan around the ACA for the coming midterms – the defense they have prepared for the criticism and opposition to the ACA, and the actual benefits Obamacare has delivered to the U.S. healthcare system in the past few months. There […]

Obamacare Roadmap: The Plan to Ace Midterms with ACA – Part 2

With a coordinated strategy to show how most Republican claims about the ACA were wrong and how opposition is preventing the law from delivering the best, Obama administration has its first steps clearly outlined for the upcoming midterms. The only remaining part of the strategy is to show the country how Americans are benefiting from […]

Obamacare Roadmap: The Plan to Ace Midterms with ACA – Part 1

As November midterms edge closer, the Obama administration is gearing up for a showdown. The major point of contention, as you might have guessed already, is going to be the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, which the Republicans have strongly contested since the inception of the act. A prime achievement of the administration, the Affordable […]

ACA & Prevention – How the Law is Encouraging Better Preventive Healthcare

Did you know that the U.S. spends about 75 percent of the annual healthcare budget on treating diseases, while 70 percent of diseases are connected to one or more preventable conditions? With only 3-5 percent of the $2.8 trillion budget going to prevention, we are not hitting the problem where it hurts the most – […]