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Are Health Insurers Breaking ACA Mandates by Discriminating against Patients with HIV?

The foundations of the ACA are built on the promise to provide health insurance without discriminating on the basis of medical history and pre-existing conditions. However, it seems that not all health insurers are following the mandates set by the law and subtly discriminating among the type of enrollees they have received in the first […]

Obamacare Brought Monthly Payments to Less than $100, but Premiums Are Set to Rise

The Affordable Care Act (aka ACA, Obamacare), an act dedicated to affordability and health insurance for all, issued great news after the massive 8 million enrollment spree – the ACA has provided 7 out of 10 Americans better health insurance coverage at less than $100 per month. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) […]

Trader Joe’s Case Study: Obamacare is Motivating People to Quit Jobs that Don’t Fit

One of the main arguments to the ACA was that it would be a “job killer” as employers would lay off workers to meet the new, rising healthcare costs. However, as it turned out, Obamacare did not cut jobs, it only gave employees an option to move out of jobs that did not fit their […]

hCentive Data Analysis: How are Newly Insured Using their Insurance – Part 2

Continuing from the first part of the series, we have already seen that even after immense increase in the number of newly insured, there isn’t any substantial increase in the number of sick patients looking for Primary Care Providers. A closer look at patients with chronic illnesses shows that in 2013’s first quarter, a higher […]

hCentive Data Analysis: How are Newly Insured Using their Insurance – Part 1

Back when Obamacare was in the works, a primary challenge that the administration received from the GOP was the sudden influx of sick patients that Obamacare would bring about, causing an acute blow to the primary care services throughout the country. Now, with more than 8 million enrollments coming through the Obamacare marketplaces, higher than […]

Constant Push and Momentum Buildup – Obama’s Plan of Approach for Open Enrollment

After six months of challenges, solutions and a terrific fight, Obamacare made it to the home stretch and secured its win by a staggering 8 million enrollment—all by March 31. In a period filled with technological and political challenges, the Obama administration shined, delivered results and got enough enrollments to sustain the law and prevent […]

Obamacare Urging States to Reconsider Healthcare Rules

When Obamacare crossed its projected 7 million enrollment mark and attained the shining figure of 8 million enrollments, the administration was not aware of a storm these enrollments would kick up in the near future. As soon as these enrollees started utilizing their health insurance, they were faced with a harsh reality – their health […]

Small Businesses – How Are They Responding To Increasing Healthcare Costs?

There’s a lot in the pipeline for small businesses – SHOP exchange, collective buying power to purchase better health insurance and a chance to provide the same level of benefits as their large counterparts. However not many have weighed in on an aspect that might become a primary concern for small organizations in the near […]

Decreasing ACA Spending is Hitting Healthcare Hiring, but It’s not that Bad

The healthcare sector has taken the mantle of a rescuer over the last few years, when unemployment reared its ugly head. Healthcare sector has been one of the bright spots, adding jobs to the economy when other sectors, such as construction and manufacturing, were forced to lay off workers while struggling to make ends meet […]

Medicaid – The Economics of Expansion and the Woodwork Effect

Medicaid has long been a hot discussion point for Democrats and Republicans, and Medicaid Expansion is a new avenue where the sides are locking horns across all states. The case in point being the support given to Obamacare’s effects through the Medicaid expansion, which will work as a strategy to cover those up to 138 […]