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Overburdened Nurses – Is ACA making hospitals compromise on healthcare quality?

Wide health insurance coverage does not always translate into better healthcare facilities– this debate has long been at the helm of various health reforms. Various administrations have taken the incorrect approach to equating health insurance with improved healthcare service, and the Affordable Care Act seems to be on a path to the same debilitating mistake. […]

Obamacare Can Save Lives, Says Harvard Study

Better collective American healthcare system through health reform – that was the primary aim when Obama administration set out to design PPACA. Seen as a way to improve overall health of the nation through improved healthcare, Obamacare is now getting a major confirmation from a Harvard study. The study states that Obamacare could save substantial […]

Obamacare Implementation – ER visits are increasing after kick-in

Emergency Room visits, seen as a one stop shop for all medical needs by many, has been on Obamacare’s radar for a long time. When strategy for Obamacare was being crafted, a key necessity was to reduce the number of visits to the Emergency Room by providing better care to people through widespread health insurance […]

ACA’s Next Phase – What can be learned from CHIP Implementation?

The celebration is nearly over and the administration has basked long enough in the glory of hitting 8 million enrollments, a million more than the target they set. The numbers are impressive, but so is the challenge ahead for the administration – ensuring that this next phase of ACA implementation goes as smoothly as possible. […]

Obamacare Post Enrollments, What’s Happening and What’s Coming – Part 2

In the first part of our series, we have covered how enrollment statistics can be broken to determine the current action points for the government. In this second part, we are going to cover the trends that will take root after the closure of the next enrollment period, just in the beginning of 2015. Let’s […]

Obamacare Post Enrollments, What’s Happening and What’s Coming – Part 1

Now that the first enrollment period is long closed and health exchanges have done their part in enrolling more than the set target, Obamacare is cruising fairly smoothly, with minor anomalies here and there. As we draw close to the next open enrollment period beginning in mid-November, let’s take a look at the major happenings […]

Failed State Exchanges – What are the Resuscitating Strategies?

In the initial stages of support seeking and lobbying, the nation was divided into two parts over Obamacare – states that sided with the administration and were ready to prepare their own state exchange in support of the act, and those that disagreed with the state exchange strategy and put the onus of creating the […]

From Enrollments to healthcare – How will Obamacare fill the gaps?

Obamacare’s final burst has yielded what the administration had been coveting for a long time – more than 7 million enrollments with a healthy share of young, healthy individuals who will balance the risks and keep the premiums in check. However, with nearly 8 million enrollments coming through the Obamacare exchanges, a new challenge is […]

Fewer Doctors and Hospitals – A New Challenge for Obamacare

With the first enrollment period over, Obamacare has received more than 10 million applications through public and private exchanges for qualified health plans. People who were unable to afford insurance before PPACA finally got a chance to purchase better health insurance through subsidies and expanded Medicaid coverage. However, there are some unprecedented challenges surfacing after […]

8 Million Enrollments – How did Obamacare manage, and what’s next?

The enrollment numbers are out and we have a clear winner – Obamacare has achieved 8 million enrollments in its six month enrollment period, surpassing the targets it had set itself on the October 1 launch. When the health exchanges went live on October 1, a goal of 7 million enrollments was set. However, with […]