When you’re talking to your fellow broker friends about exchange technology and current market trends, what’s the one thing you all have in common? Money. Everyone needs to make more of it and everyone needs a better way to control it.

On March 29 hCentive co-hosted with the Institute of Healthcare Consumerism part one of a webinar series, The Digital Revolution: How Brokers Can Win. During the webinar the Director of Health and Co-Operator of the Cypress Exchange, Robert Ledman, talks to brokers about money. Even more, he gives explicit examples about why brokers find themselves in a losing situation when they’re not “attached to the sale/case” and what it means to use technology that streamlines the day-to-day workload—decreasing time spent on calls, meetings, and managing paperwork.

Click here to access Robert’s 5 minute segment in the webinar and hear real facts from a real broker, actively using a built-out benefits marketplace.

Robert also highlights:

  • How they use a benefits marketplace for agent recruiting
  • How Cypress is planning to use an full-service platform for long-term growth and success
  • Why using a full-service platform can help brokers get over a “production hump”
  • Why he believes the broker isn’t going away

If you like what you hear, then we invite you to join us for part two of the series where we’ll be discussing how brokers can make the transition over to digital business. We’ll have the President of Insurance Marketing Center talking about how he transitioned his brokers over, best practices for making the transition, and lessons learned from an early adopter.

Register for part two, The Digital Revolution: How Brokers Can Transition to Digital Business here

The Cypress Exchange is a joint business venture between Elite marketing and the Copeland group servicing more than 9,000 agents in Houston, Texas. Prior to the ACA law, they joined forces to create a company that would specifically focus on the health care market. They knew volume and strength would be key to one of their first big projects—implementing an online platform that would support their agent’s efforts in writing new business. They started with addressing the individual market and will be rolling out the group side of their platform this April.

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