Direct Enrollment gives payers the ability to offer consumers a one stop shop when shopping for health insurance plans – allowing them to check for subsidies and enroll without ever leaving the payer site.

Retaining Customers through Direct Enrollment

From the perspective of the insurance carriers, things look rosy. Insurance carriers can now focus on enhancing the online consumer experience as the impending problem of consumers jumping from payers sites to the Federally Facilitated Marketplace (FFM) has been nullified. Naturally, a potential customer getting all the necessary information in a simplified, intuitive portal wouldn’t want to be redirected to another portal. With a streamlined enrollment process, fundamental subsidy application and ancillary plans bundled, the majority of consumers should not jump off the payer’s site.

Easing Customer Effort and Delivering a Smoother Experience

From the consumer point of view, direct enrollment irons out a lot of wrinkles in the process of comparing, applying and enrolling online. With the passing of the Affordable Care Act, the public has been confused by the impending changes and the process has been defined as complex. Direct enrollment lessens the complexity and confusion by providing a smoother process to  procure health insurance and check for subsidies.

Capitalizing on Direct Enrollment

An immediate implementation of the direct enrollment model can translate into increased efficiency and retained business for insurance carriers. To make the most of this change, health payers should spearhead the implementation of a dedicated portal that allows them take advantage of the direct enrollment. Beating the competition is generally synonymous with taking the first step before your competitors do. So go ahead, take that leap toward bigger benefits with direct enrollment.

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