As a part of the plan to have Maryland’s health insurance exchange, Maryland Health Connection, ready on October 1, they are reaching out to an important group that can help it sail through enrollments smoothly – health insurance brokers. With the deluge of new enrollments coming in soon, Maryland knows that brokers will be instrumental in taking some of the load off the state.

After October 1, Maryland expects 80,000 residents to use and enroll with the exchange. To meet the enrollment processing deadline of January 1, 2014, the state requires the help of brokers. As of now, nearly 900 brokers are registered with Maryland Health Connection, and Maryland hopes to increase the number of brokers. In an endeavor to attract more brokers, the state is hosting free training sessions and offering other benefits to brokers who sign up.

Three Benefits to Brokers Enrolling for Training Sessions

•    The training sessions will serve as the first step of authorization for selling on Maryland Health Connection. By registering for these training sessions, brokers will be able to participate in the marketplace once it goes live.

•    The training sessions are free and allow brokers to get acquainted with the system. A mandatory pre-registration lets the broker sign up for training and begin the enrollment process simultaneously.

•    The training session consists of one eight hour session that will cover information on insurance plans, federal tax credits and cost sharing reductions, along with knowledge of healthcare technology systems and necessary portals for operating seamlessly with the state mechanics.

With ample support from the state and in-depth training programs, Maryland Health Connection will have brokers up and running by October to assist the state with enrollments. This smart move by Maryland is will help reduce the enrollment load and increase the financial health of the health insurance marketplace.

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