The big day for health insurance marketplaces, October 1, is coming and Michiganians are looking forward to it. The view is that the exchange will bring better coverage, affordable health insurance and greater benefits. Expectations are running high and Michigan organizations are gearing up for the big day. So, how’s the preparation going? Let’s take a look.

The first, crucial step is to establish a marketplace with top insurance carriers who can provide affordable health insurance and a wide range of benefits. Fourteen health insurers submitted their plans and offerings, totaling approximately 170 plans, to the Michigan government for approval. The approval process is still underway and results are expected before the second week of September.

The second step involves dissection of the range of health benefits that can be achieved through the new health insurance marketplace. To achieve this end, Michigan officials are revamping official websites to contain all the necessary information and relevant points. A massive attempt is underway to provide all the necessary information needed to enable the the residents of Michigan to select the best plan that fits their budget and needs.

In order to ensure that the health exchange is not hard to navigate, online and offline actions have been initiated to help people understand the concept and be comfortable with the enrollment process. Training is being provided under the health exchange navigator program. This program enables certified people to assist residents with the health exchange platform, fill out forms, choose plans and enroll themselves for the appropriate coverage. Education materials are also being provided to state residents to raise awareness among Michigan residents.

The Michigan government understands that state residents have a lot on their hands and the health care reform is an unprecedented change.  For instance, nearly 72 percent of people who are eligible for federal subsidies have no idea on the benefits that will be provided. Through marketing initiatives, education and careful implementation of the exchange, Michigan authorities are making it a level playing field across the health insurance marketplace for all residents of the state.

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