While information has been trickling out on the various state exchanges, Missouri has continued to stay quiet right up to the launch. As the state lawmakers, and then voters, voted rejected a state-run exchange, Missouri is among the many states that chose to leave it to the federal government to handle.

While efforts to publicize the exchange have faced strong opposition, there have been some initiatives put in place to help increase the public’s knowledge on the exchange.

•    Private organizations and individuals are conducting FAQ and Question & Answer Sessions on the exchange for individuals. For instance, FOX 2 recently aired a Q&A session that consisted of top industry experts and served as a platform for helping people clear their doubts about ACA. This one-hour special helped people learn more about the health reform that is going to impact their lives. Similarly, through the face of private organizations and nonprofit associations, the state will receive the required information.

•    The second development that the state is experiencing is the move by hospitals to reduce their costs while complying with the health exchanges, hospitals are taking small steps in the direction of complete HIE sustainability. Hospitals are processing the medical condition and history of admitted patients to determine which group is at a higher risk for readmission. This analysis enables them to provide preemptive special treatment to individuals falling in this high risk group, thus lowering the chances of readmission significantly.

Even the exchange went live a few days ago, many residents are unaware of the exchange. Several heard about it on Oct. 1 for the very first time. So we will be keeping our eye on Missouri and see how it weathers the storm.

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