With the health insurance marketplace rollout deadlines nearing, New Mexico received a $18.6M federal grant for marketing and outreach to help market the New Mexico Health Insurance Exchange.

The current state of affairs at New Mexico health insurance marketplace shows us some important numbers and facts that are going to influence the health of the exchange once it goes live.

•    New Mexico expects to enroll about 80,000 uninsured citizens by next year and hopes to increase this number to 211,000 by 2020.

•    The current setup of New Mexico Health Insurance Marketplace is a hybrid model. They are using the Federally Facilitated Marketplace for individuals but will use a state-based exchange for businesses.

•    The entire success of this scheme depends upon reaching the uninsured and getting them to enroll into the health insurance system. About 400,000 potential customers, which comprise of individuals and businesses, are they key here.

3 Strategies to Market Health Exchanges

While the state is feeling the stress of an October 1 roll out, it is making a effort to maximize the federal grant. It has highlighted three main strategies to spur enrollments.

1.    Advertise, Educate and Connect – the main strategy is to advertise the health insurance exchange, educate the people to help them make the right buying decision, and connect with state residents . The company has already started inviting organizations to bid for the project that will help the government achieve all the three highlighted aims.

2.    Establish Outreach Programs and In-person Assistance – the state also plans to enlist nonprofit organizations and trade associations for outreach programs and assistance. The pivotal task here will be to provide end-to-end assistance to residents who are looking to buy health insurance off the marketplace.

3.    Serve New Mexicans in Rural Areas – a major issue facing New Mexico is the large amount of rural communities across the state that lack internet connectivity. Furthermore, these residents might not be computer savvy nor comfortable buying health insurance off the exchanges. Since this most likely is a substantial number of potential enrollees, the state is putting considerable efforts in this area.

New Mexico’s strategy is already taking shape, with about $13 million going into the marketing and education of efforts and about $6 million dedicated to in-person assistance programs for rural and urban areas. As New Mexico moves closer to the deadline, its timely strategies are going to be instrumental in infusing optimism and giving New Mexicans the edge required to shop at health insurance marketplaces.

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