As the deadline for health insurance marketplace implementation approaches, New York is moving full steam ahead with healthcare software. The state recently announced the name of its health insurance marketplace, “NY State of Health,” and plans to initiate marketing initiatives to capture the attention of uninsured New Yorkers, educate them on the marketplace and get them enrolled.

NY State of Health is attracting lot of attention, particularly because of the strategies New York is using to promote the exchange. In the coming weeks, New York will release ads that will reach out to different groups in the state and help them understand the benefits of enrollment. The central focus of the state will be

•    Promoting the expected savings for New Yorkers who enroll with the health insurance exchange. It is expected that the online marketplace will bring in benefits for uninsured Americans, and as many as 1 million Americans can expect a savings of up to 53 percent if they enroll in the new system.

•    Educating the populace on enrollment benefits and promoting the transparency of the system. NY State of Health will allows residents to view the participating insurance carriers in their area, check the plans being offered, and see the covered providers. All this information will help them make better decisions.

•    Advocating simplicity of the new health insurance model over the older, confusing carrier portal mechanism. A key advantage that consumers will have is the availability of four metal tiers – platinum, gold, silver, bronze – for each plan, this will allow them to choose the plan that is the best fit for their insurance needs.

•    Spreading the message of equality by prohibiting insurers from changing the applicable premium rates on the basis of the medical history. The state plans to voice unequivocal opinion and promote a “no discrimination” stand over medical history among New Yorkers.

Over the next few weeks, residents of New York will see advertisements highlighting the above points and trying to motivate uninsured residents to enroll with the insurance exchange. Testing for ads across groups has already begun and it shouldn’t be long before these health insurance marketplace ads start appearing over popular media.

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