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For the longest time, Americans have complained of a broken healthcare system. After years of brushing it under the carpet, we finally saw the passing of the PPACA. The PPACA or more simply, the Affordable Care Act aims to make healthcare affordable and the buying of insurance an unbiased, transparent and competitive market.

With the January 1, 2014 deadline approaching fast, a new kind of consumer is available to the insurance companies – tech savvy, uninsured, and with disposable incomes. They don’t understand insurance and are not exactly keen on brokers, and paper applications.

Insurance companies are realizing that they need a simple and user-friendly web-based tool to attract and retain these potential clients. Merely competing on price might not be enough. Consumers will look for transparent and inclusive options and carriers will have no choice but to provide the consumer what he or she wants.

A number of healthcare companies, including insurers are resistant to this change. And change, as we all know, is never easy. Especially old attitudes towards the value of, and need for, online healthcare marketing. Traditional marketing methods have their place, but in today’s wired world, insurers can’t simply ignore the power and reach of the Internet.

With all companies given a level playing field, their brand and reputation will be put to test. We prefer to think that a new age in insurance selling is upon us – one where all these companies are jostling for your attention on the Internet with competitively priced plans and transparent terms available with a mouse click.

Our customers are already seeing the benefits from our highly sophisticated, easy-to-use and transparent online solutions. Health insurers that don’t adapt and embrace the change will be left behind.

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