Can your existing protocols integrate with new ACA requirements?

The federal and state marketplaces continue to be the most visited platforms for enrollments. With stringent connectivity requirements, health payers are formulating standards and protocols that will integrate them with state, federal, and private exchanges, all within the boundaries of compliance.

WebInsure Exchange Manager is a product that can integrate you with the all exchanges seamlessly. This datasheet demonstrates how WebInsure Exchange Manager integrates you with the exchanges without putting any additional pressure on your existing IT infrastructure. The datasheet demonstrates the functionalities of various modules of WEM and how WEM can connect you through its cloud infrastructure while preserving your existing formats and protocols.

WebInsure Exchange Manager: A Solution to Exchange Integration

hCentive’s WebInsure Exchange Manager can lift the burden of adapting to this new landscape. It acts as an integration point between HIX, your organization and other related parties to minimize the impact on existing business services and technical infrastructures.

Evolve with Change or Wither Away

The implications of PPACA for payers are significant. As these massive changes take effect, payers must integrate with the newly founded HIXs in order to enroll subscribers. If they choose not to integrate with HIX, they will miss a large opportunity for revenue growth and, most likely, see a decrease in market share. If they integrate poorly with HIX  they could significantly increase internal costs and offset newly found revenue.

This new landscape is forcing insurers to transform but they are struggling with what exactly that means. This white paper will illustrate how payers can effectively change and identify the next steps.