In less than 2 weeks , enrollment on health insurance marketplaces (healthcare software texas) will begin throughout the country. For Texas, which has one of the highest populations of uninsured, this is going to be a rough period. To make matters worse, the challenges faced by Texas are not limited to this issue, there are more.

As per the available statistics, 27 percent of population under 65 is uninsured. Overall, there are about 6 million uninsured Americans living in Texas. Once the rollout starts, these people will require a lot of education on the marketplace and how to choose the right plan for them and/or their family. Texas opted to not build its own state exchange and is relying on the Federally Facilitated Marketplace for its residents.

Due to this choice, the federal grant for outreach and education federal grant was reduced to $10.8 million. Simple math reveals that the state can only spend less than $2 for each uninsured Texan. In comparison to other states with similar percentages of uninsured, this amount is a lot less. For instance, New York will be spending about $10.50 per uninsured resident in its outreach and education efforts.

However, Texas does have a plan to help control costs and conduct outreach and marketing with the allotted budget. Here are some significant points of that plan:

•    Texas has a fully equipped call center that addresses questions related to Medicaid and other social services. The state has recently upgraded the center with healthcare software solutions and intends to use its expanded capabilities to handle questions due to the exchange rollout.

•     The government is looking to utilize volunteers and college students to educate the public on the exchange. These volunteers will receive training to be able to address questions and concerns regarding the exchange.

•    The federal authorities are initiating the navigator program for all states utilizing the FFM. For Texas, this program will add fully trained navigators to the mix of volunteers and college students and allow them to expedite efforts toward educating the populace.

Through the combination of a fully equipped call center, volunteers and navigators, Texas hopes to stay strong during the hectic period that will follow the October 1 open enrollment on the health insurance marketplace.

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