April 2015
Source: hitconsultant

Cadillac tax' the next big Obamacare battle
A mix of business groups and labor unions are pushing to tee up the next big Obamacare fight: killing its so-called Cadillac tax. It is, they say, the type of Obamacare “fix” that Republicans and Democrats...
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Congressional Budget Office cuts estimates for health reform costs
(Reuters) — U.S. Congressional forecasters on Monday once again cut their estimate of health care reform insurance coverage costs, citing unexpectedly less spending on premium subsidies and lower enrollment rates...
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Health insurance exchanges need an upgrade
Established by the Affordable Care Act, the Healthcare.gov exchange and its 14 state-run counterparts have enrolled more than 11 million people — 800,000 of whom were sent incorrect tax information...
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Health insurance companies prime targets for hackers The recent hack of Anthem, one of the country's largest health insurance companies, exposed the data of as many as 80 million customers, including many of their social security numbers. The magnitude of that data breach underscores...
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Take an inside look at the lab designed to foster health insurance innovationThe animosity toward health insurance companies that was so widespread in decades past is waning in this era of big data and value-based payments. With that in mind, the time seemed right for America’s Health Insurance (AHIP) to open an innovation center...
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hCentive Blog
Nine Reasons Why Obamacare Should Remain Intact
There is a new entrant in the list of challenges to Obamacare – a new challenge that limits the ability of Obamacare to provide subsidies...
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States without Medicaid Expansion Face a New Challenge – Huge Unpaid Hospital Bills
When Obama administration defined the groundwork for the Patient Protection...
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