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Just when the Obama administration was beginning to fret over the lackluster enrollment of young, healthy individuals, the March 31st deadline turned out to be a game changer. According to available numbers, Obamacare saw 8 million enrollments coming through the exchanges, thus meeting the targets set during the October rollout. More heartening than this target achievement was the impressive enrollment of individuals between 18 to 34 years of age. From the 8 million enrollments, 28 percent came from this coveted group.

This final push, which saw enrollment numbers for health individuals finally climbing to a safe range, can be attributed to a variety of factors. The final lap of publicity and marketing efforts in the second half of March saw basketball stars, TV spots, radio interviews and online advertising focusing on the central goal of enrolling these individuals. These enrollments also proved the earlier hypothesis correct by showing that the young individuals got on the exchange when it was technically sorted and did not have the harrowing bugs that were making enrolling a pain for everyone. The scenario followed the example of Massachusetts insurance exchange, where most healthy individuals signed up at the very end of the enrollment period and prevented the system from death spiraling on itself.

Now that open enrollment is over and a substantial chunk of younger people are onboard, it looks like these individuals are going to have many more opportunities to benefit from their affiliation with the Obamacare marketplaces. With a good chunk of opportunities coming their way that will give them an opportunity to find plans, the benefit spree for young individuals has just started.

When an individual turns 26, he has the option to graduate from parents’ sponsored plan and enroll into a health insurance plan, which fits his requirement. Generally, these plans tend to be more beneficial for younger individuals. Similarly, in terms of career growth and job changes, Obamacare is much more supportive of people who tend to job hop for better prospects. With more options available, Obamacare allows young individuals to move more freely without feeling shackled due to health benefits.

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Naturally with Obamacare, healthy individuals are going to benefit a lot in the coming years. The Affordable Care Act provides people with more flexibility, unhampered by the restrictions of health insurance. Other than people with preexisting medical conditions, elimination of which was one of the primary goals of Obamacare, the act is going to benefit everyone under its aegis, with added protections, affordability, flexibility, and a chance at better health insurance coverage.

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